Testimonials & Reviews


The gauges are making life easier.

I have been using the shuttle gauges as a way of confidently measuring the correct amount of chemical out of the shuttle direct to the boomspray.

The gauges are especially useful for measuring the last 200L in the bottom that was previously guesswork.

Warwick Holding
“Glenlynn” – Yerong Creek, NSW 2642

I was reluctant to use shuttles as we can more accurately measure through enviro drums. We also suffered weed failures due to false assumptions of how much product was left in the shuttle.

Shuttle gauges give us the capacity to measure accurately all the way through until empty.

I would recommend anybody who uses IBC’s to use shuttle gauges.

Brady Green
Carrawingee Farms – Chapman Valley, WA

The shuttle gauge makes spraying much easier and filling much quicker

James Austin, Wombianna Pty Limited
“Wambianna” – Trangie 2823

I was always guessing amounts out of shuttles , and wanted something other than a litre metre

Shuttle gauges are the best

Damian Harris
Cooma farming – Binnu, WA

The Shuttle Gauge is a invention that I cannot understand why someone hasn’t thought of before.

I have owned 5 gauges for 2 months now and after a wet summer we are on our 2nd summer spray. We use 1000 litre pods and in the past we have used both flow metres and the markings on the pods. Both of these have downfalls. The flow metre cal changes up to 25% between different chemicals. The pod gauges either are not visible or not in the right place on the truck to be seen or worse some pods have no markings at all.

The shuttle gauge is great , as you calibrate it whatever angle the shuttle is at the time. You can place them on any one of the 4 sides of the shuttle to be easily read. They are super simple and being stainless steel will be very durable in a environment that is harsh.

I wouldn’t transfer chemical from a pod without one anymore.

Mark Adams
South Stirlings – WA.