Frequently Asked Questions


How do I assemble my Shuttlegauge?

You can assemble your item in 2 very short steps, simply set up your gauge as shown in the images below.

How do I use my Shuttlegauge?

1) Start with a new 1000L IBC.
2) Place Shuttle Gauge between the cage and bladder on the mid-point of the longest side with ideally the highest liquid level (This helps clarity when measuring later at the bottom).
3) The 1000L shuttle does not have to be level.
*ZERO the SHUTTLEGAUGE at 1000 Litres on the full liquid level*
4) Mark off required product with a paint pen and withdraw product. It will be accurate to the end!

What if I need to move the IBC from where it was first used and zeroed?

Simply write down litres left in shuttle and when you have set up at a new location, realign the liquid level to the known quantity on the Shuttle Gauge.