Shuttle Gauge in the Philippines

Have you been looking for an inexpensive, simple, safe and accurate way to measure liquid in 1,000L shuttles or IBC‘s?

Are you struggling with the measurement of liquid from IBCs, Shuttles or Totes?

Are you currently using:

  • Expensive flowmeters that require regular calibration, setting changes for viscosity, measure air bubbles and restrict flow?
  • Graduated hoppers that require double product handling and slow electric pumps?
  • Measuring buckets that involve decanting product and increasing operator exposure and environmental contamination?

Shuttle Gauge® is “The simple solution for measurement of liquid in IBC`s”.  Calibrated on the very popular and widely used Schutz 1000L IBC.

With over 5000 Shuttle Gauges® in operation throughout Australia, Canada USA and the Philippines why not invest in one to assist your business today.

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