Farming & Agriculture


Whether it’s pesticides, fertilisers, cleaning agents, solvents, detergents, petroleum products or lubricants, or any other kind of dangerous or toxic chemicals, the supply and storage of these items ensures the ongoing viability of your production, and can add up to a substantial portion of your operating costs.

So if you’re using any kind of Polyethelene tank, Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) or Bulki Box storage, it makes sense to minimise both your risks and your costs wherever possible.

Shuttle Gauge let’s you do just this, by removing unnecessary risks associated with the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals, and streamlining your cost of storage and accounting with more accurate measurements with a minimum of fuss.

  • No more double handling using slow electric pumps.
  • No operator exposure by decanting into measuring buckets.
  • No viscosity calibrations to keep track of with flow meters.
  • Inexpensive, accurate, reliable & flexible.